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Welcome To My Homepage


My name is Miché (like papier-mâché). I am a Planetary Science Ph.D. student at Johns Hopkins University researching sulfates within Martian craters using remote spectroscopy. She has contributed her efforts to many initiatives, including The Women+ of Color Project, Space Interns, Black in Geoscience, and local astrobiology outreach programs. She also strives towards changing the face of STEM by addressing ableism in academia as well as improving disability representation in URM students.

Research Interest:

  • Infrared spectroscopy

  • Remote sensing & GIS

  • Craters

  • Astrobiology

  • Martian mineralogy

Planetary Interest:

  • Mars

  • Venus

  • Earth

Personal Interest:

  • Volunteering & Outreach

  • Test Prep Tutoring

  • Neurodiversity

  • Resources for URM in STEM

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