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Who's a good boy? It's Rocko!

During my free time, I like to hang with my favorite boy named Rocko. He's a spunky Maltese who enjoys frolicking, chilling on the couch, watching tv, snuggling, playing with his friends at the doggo park, and playing with his squeaky toys.

He's a little guy with a lot of personalities!

Painting: Canvas & Faces

Before grad school, I wore many hats, two of which being a Paint Nite instructor and a Facepainting Clown. 

Both side gigs taught me how to quickly pick up a new skill, create something beautiful with limited resources (they only gave me 5 colors), breakdown down the most complex concepts to its simplest form, and teach these concepts so others can create the same complex yet satisfying art piece. 

I still paint, although not as much as I used to. My favorite subjects to paint are people. To me, inanimate objects like flowers and fruit lack emotional complexity like people. That emotional complexity is translated through facial expressions that give off subtle shadowing and wrinkles that, if done correctly, can be captured in the painting. I enjoy capturing that aspect of humanity through painting. 


I love cosplaying as my favorite anime, video game, and comic character. I mostly attend local cons like BlerdCon, AwesomeCon, and KatsuCon.

Crocheting & Knitting

Crocheting and knitting are both of my favorite activities. I can actually crochet a hat in under an hour. 

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Miche meteorites.jpg
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I'm a lead volunteer at the National Air and Space Museum of the Smithsonian Institution. I will definitely talk your ear off about meteorites and spectroscopy. 

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Dungeons & Dragons

So far, I have three active characters for D&D. I'm currently playing my half-orc Bard named Bruutis Alexander, who is a senior at Waterdeep Tech majoring in Business & Communications. He has an Electric Guitar (or electric lute) he calls Mauve Storm! He's an orc bro who's apart of the frat omicron gamma kappa (OrK). His father said he would be the new leader of their clan of orcs once he graduates, but he will need to go on a journey to retrieve the head of his greatest enemy and his sword, Widow's Wail. Since the frat he is apart of is very well know yet exclusive whenever he meets a character from the same frat he has to have a "broment". The frat consists of orcs, tieflings, and dwarves. Also, the bro orc is hella chaotic neutral. 

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